Esra Arıcı Avalanche Surfacing Solution
Avalanche Surfacing Solution is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design Award Category.
Avalanche Surfacing Solution

Avalanche's beauty and innovation derives from the natural onyx stone look. Transparency of the quartz surface and usability of it as a lighting unit, makes it new and unique in the market. It is also a product that believed to enhance the brand recognition by the end users, in the market. By its long vein design, it suits the latest trends and be ahead of its competitors with its onyx resemblance.

Avalanche Surfacing Solution
Esra Arıcı Avalanche
Esra Arıcı Surfacing Solution
Esra Arıcı design
Esra Arıcı design
Esra Arıcı

Belenco is a high-tech composite stone company that makes artistic designs. Belenco can the ability to design any kind of natural and unnatural design due to its sophisticated huge two lines. The design and RnD department transforms the art into extraordinary products in a freeway based on these characteristics of the plant.

Belenco® Quarz Surfaces - Peker Yuzey tasarımları A.S.

Belenco Quartz Surfaces, founded in 2010 at Turkey has been proudly introducing high quality quartz surface slabs under the trademark of Belenco, for different uses and applications, such as countertops for kitchens, bathroom vanities, flooring and wall claddings. Belenco brand name is the registered trade mark, have one huge casting and polishing processes of new developed Bretonstone technology installed by Breton S.p.A. as a 15.000 sqm sophisticated state of art two plant as a capacity of 1.000.000 sqm per year. Quartz based composite stones are mainly preferred in hospitals, airports and shopping malls due to their superiorities over natural stones and ceramics. Belenco products have the certifications of LGA, NSF, Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Children and Schools. BELENCO has a non-porous surface that brings the hygiene to wherever it is installed, is very easy to clean and is a charming solution for residential and commercial applications and certificated by LGA and NSF. Slipperiness is related with the surface porosity and gloss regardless of the type of the material. Belenco has the similar characteristics with polished granite and marble. Belenco products are defined in two different European norms; EN 15285:2008 Agglomerated stone. Modular tiles for flooring and stairs (internal and external), EN 15388:2008 Agglomerated stone. Slabs and cut-to-size products for vanity and kitchen tops.