Geissert Thomas Bungalow Refurbishment Living
Bungalow Refurbishment Living is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Bungalow Refurbishment Living

Architecturally, the goal was to break up the rooms into a new spatial structure, to create spaciousness and expanse within a fixed area and cubature, to transform into the 21st century. This was achieved by increasing the window areas. Parapets were partially opened to floor level to create smooth transitions from inside to outside. The aesthetic reduction of forms, materials and colors lead to a harmonious overall impression, which is underlined by a discreet color and lighting concept. A wellness area with sauna was installed in the former tank.

Bungalow Refurbishment Living
Geissert Thomas Bungalow Refurbishment
Geissert Thomas Living
Geissert Thomas design
Geissert Thomas design
Geissert Thomas

Expert in creation and planning of wayfinding and orientation systems. architect and designer, graphics and archtecture, 2d and 3d design. Specialising in design of new wayfinding and orientation systems for airports, universities, offices and industrial buildings as well as touristic orientation- and information-systems such as the City of Straubing, Bavaria Germany and Grafenegg Palace Gardens, Austria.


It is important to find solutions that do not follow short-lived trends. Not only the visual but also the subconscious/intuitive is included - creativity, quality, passion and experience characterize the solutions. The many years of experience and the clear, comprehensible and unambiguous analyses, are reflected in the architecture and the visual design.