Alexandre Kasper Vani Chair
Vani Chair is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Vani Chair

The Vani Chair was designed based on Scandinavian joinery techniques, with an internal cushion that projects the lumbar correctly, works in dining room environments and as armchairs for small environments, adjusting according to the user's need. the idea of a product that optimizes the space combined with the techniques of the Brazilian and Scandinavian carpentry, hiding the whole part of the tapestry, benefiting from the technological power, it explores complex machining so that the linearity is perfectly found in the product.

Vani Chair
Alexandre Kasper Vani
Alexandre Kasper Chair
Alexandre Kasper design
Alexandre Kasper design
Alexandre Kasper

I am a new designer on the market, only 26 years old, but I already contribute a lot in architectural projects and product development, I am one of the few Brazilian designers who know how to operate a 6 axis machine, due to this wisdom my industrial development process part of the exploitation of a machine to the maximum, I want to contribute to the exploitation of these factors for each time the Brazilian product is more complex and has more name in the world market

Kasper.arq (Alexandre Kasper) + CGS Móveis

Paranaense (Brazil), 26, started his career at 16 at CGS Móveis as a young apprentice. Over time, he moved to other sectors, knowing the entire production process of the factory in a complex way. He worked with designer Alex dos Santos, where he learned CNC programming and the productive and creative process of a product. Creation has always attracted his attention since he was a child, fascinated by architecture and furniture design; he studied architecture to improve his knowledge by opening his own design studio after Kasper.arq, he seeks to focus his balance on the contextualization of a product, being visually attractive and ergonomically functional. Its main sources of inspiration come from nature and architecture.