Yang Bo Surplus Year After Year Packaging
Surplus Year After Year Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Surplus Year After Year Packaging

It’s Chinese spirit package design. Nowadays, excessive packaging of Baijiu products is a serious waste, and causes environmental pollution. Therefore, the box design and inner tray use low-cost environmental protection degradable raw materials. The blue water flow pattern is painted with Chinese traditional calligraphy brush. Two golden fish are playing upstream in the vertical water ripple engraved designs. It’s a perfect combination of traditional culture and art design.

Surplus Year After Year Packaging
Yang Bo Surplus Year After Year
Yang Bo Packaging
Yang Bo design
Yang Bo design
Yang Bo

Yang Bo, founder of Beijing Bofly Design Company, director of China Packaging Federation, director of Capital Corporate Image Research Association, director of "Packaging and Design" magazine, director of "Art and Design" magazine. His painting works have won numerous awards nationwide and in provinces and cities. In 1997, he resigned from his job and went to the south to explore opportunities, starting his career in advertising design. He has worked in Hainan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, and now resides in Beijing. With over 20 years of experience in design, he has won numerous international design awards. His logo design works that have been officially adopted include Discovery Channel of China Central Television, Water Cube of National Aquatics Center, China Public Security Firefighting, China Petroleum Overseas Engineering Company, World Environment Day of China Environmental Protection Bureau, Xinjiang Beer, Wusu Beer, Dali Beer, and others. His logos and packaging works have been included in the "China Design Yearbook" multiple times. Throughout his journey, he has provided excellent design services to many well-known brands both domestically and internationally.He is passionate about public welfare and has provided assistance to many students in impoverished areas of Shaanxi.In his spare time, he enjoys music composition and has published many original works on online platforms. One of his works has been selected by a well-known mobile phone brand as a factory ringtone.

Beijing Bofly Design Co.,LTD

Beijing Bofly Design Co.,LTD is established in 2007. It’s an excellent brand marketing and design company in China. The business includes enterprise image building, brand design promotion, package design and other professional design fields. It provides excellent design service and brand management for many enterprises based on the design concept of "creating brand competitiveness”. It has served in beer, beverage, food, tea, It, industry, real estate, household, medicine and other fields. Companies they served includes CCTV, Carlsberg Beer, Nestle, Tsingtao beer, Huiyuan Group, Sanyuan food, etc.