Yuslifar Huda Milagros Packaging
Milagros Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Milagros Packaging

Milagros is an alkaline drinking water bottle with a visual and shape that results from a combination of art, technology and precision. The purple color that is identical to the pH of alkaline water combined with the detailed batik variations on the label and on the left and right sides. And the shape that curves inward embossed by the brand, designed to make it easier to hold.

Milagros Packaging
Yuslifar Huda Milagros
Yuslifar Huda Packaging
Yuslifar Huda design
Yuslifar Huda design
Yuslifar Huda

People see me as a perfectionist in everything including my fashion and my job. It would be my great achievement this year if I got an award from A'Design award & competition, because I am not a designer or have any background about it. Being the daily chairman of several sports organization in my city is my little contribute to our society and as one who had on hajj and pilgrim at young age, I often share foods with 300 to 400 needy person around me every week. I like to help other people and want to be meaning for everyone.

PT Milagros Putra Mandiri

PT Milagros Putra Mandiri is located in Sukabumi and Banyuwangi city, west and East Java Province, Indonesia. The city that known for the best quality of natural spring water and good reputation of drinking water industry. The company produces Milagros premium alkaline water, has a vision to be the leading alkaline drinking water in Indonesia with scientific research, production and great services.