Wenyuan Chen Inspiration Zippo New Website
Inspiration Zippo New Website is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Inspiration Zippo New Website

To pursuit conversations with consumers, they use dynamic image to show experimental visual for website users. They also used the interaction UI to make the website users become more engaged with the website. For colour selection, they used black theme to make consumer more engaged with the whole website experience. They make a newly designed website to convey their culture.

Inspiration Zippo New Website
Wenyuan Chen Inspiration
Wenyuan Chen Zippo New Website
Wenyuan Chen design
Wenyuan Chen design
Wenyuan Chen

ZIPPO has been one of the most reputable brands on earth since 1932. They have managed to architect and express one of the iconic product cultures in history. And now, in facing a highly-challenging local Chinese market - an age of unprecedented abundance of choices and speed of innovation, with consumers’ expectations moving faster than brand legacy, they feel the need to revamp to stay relevant in the market. ZIPPO Creative Center Shanghai (CCS) presents four distinct experience pillars: Experiment, Design, Gear, and Exploration. The objective is to span a broad spectrum of design, art & lifestyle, but are aligned with one singular mantra: unleash the Imagination.


ZIPPO was found on 1932, which is the first manufacture company of windproof lighter. they are one of the iconic cultural symbol of American culture and right now the symbol of young people lifestyle. ZIPPO is now covering over 150 counties all over the world and is the biggest lighter manufacture of the world.