Joshua Grant Rayner Cap Pac Events Promotional Product
Cap Pac Events Promotional Product is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Cap Pac Events Promotional Product

Cap Pac is a marketing tool tailored for outdoor events. Designed to increase uptake and widening the appeal of brands promotional products, by offering multiple fun, interactive and useful products for the consumer. The configuration of the Sign/Drinks Carrier and two detachable Sun Visors fitting around each other, fully utilising the material. All these products are made from a single sheet of card making them cheap to deliver and easy to distribute at the event. Manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, with each CapPac produced actually having a positive impact to the planet.

Cap Pac Events Promotional Product
Joshua Grant Rayner Cap Pac
Joshua Grant Rayner Events Promotional Product
Joshua Grant Rayner design
Joshua Grant Rayner design
Joshua Grant Rayner

In some shape or form I wish help contribute to the global efforts of creating a more sustainable future. Not only do I wish my product and services to be focused on being eco-friendly, but I’d also like them to be enjoyed. I’m driven by the notion that it is possible to create products that are not just fundamentally sustainable, but ones that do more and bring joy. Whether that more for a business, more for the consumer or more for our environment. My passion lies in elevating the ordinary, simple materials and squeezing them for all manner different functions. To look a single piece cards and put cuts in different place then it becomes 6 products, to me there is a beauty in that.

Cassette Concepts limitied

Cassette Concepts Limited is a multi-international award winning creative design and marketing company. We specialist in interactive and sustainable design, creating and innovating products, packaging and finding new and exciting applications for eco-friendly materials and processes. Constantly looking at ways to enhance the event goers experience, with useful exciting products, that not only act as great branded promotional products but also help make your event even more vibrate and colourful. Also specialising in second use packaging, as we believe in delivering a product inside a product. By offering another use for your packaging, reducing your packaging waste to 0.