Ivana Lukovic Peloponnese Rural Residential House
Peloponnese Rural Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Peloponnese Rural Residential House

A plot situated in a remote village of Kalamia, with view to the Gulf of Corinth, is a setting for a family retreat. The morphology of the place led to the decision of creating a house with humble appearance from the street side, while developing in a two-level construction from the garden. Natural materials applied are inspired by industrial feel of the rural Peloponnese traditional stone stables. Built according to sustainable standards with restricted means, the custom-made dwelling has been playing major role in the 2020 pandemic situation, providing its inhabitants safety and comfort.

Peloponnese Rural Residential House
Ivana Lukovic Peloponnese Rural
Ivana Lukovic Residential House
Ivana Lukovic design
Ivana Lukovic design
Ivana Lukovic

The small-scale Studio aspires to transfer the founder's personal enthusiasm for each new architectural challenge to the clients and collaborators while inspiring them to contribute to the project in the best possible manner. By following a creative process from the initial design all the way to its completion, it maintains intimate, tactile connection with a proposal, simultaneously adopting a unique, multidisciplinary approach to each design brief. The aura, created during that process, preserves positive psychological impact on everyday life of the user, long time after the project is completed.

Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic

The Architectural Studio Ivana Lukovic aspires to create spaces where comfort and pleasure come from the Client’s needs-based research. The Architect, the Client and the Craftsmen are fully merged in the creative process, thus maintaining intimate, tactile connection with the project. A unique approach to each design brief is adopted. Continuous inspiration is derived from the world of art, film, theatre, literature, nature, as well as from the ordinary things of everyday life with their hidden beauties. Architecture is understood as sculpting of empty spaces between solids, with the main design focus on the richness of spatial configuration and atmospheres.