Giuseppe Santacroce Sun Waves Uv Sterilizer
Sun Waves Uv Sterilizer is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Hospitality, Restaurant and Catering Products Design Award Category.
Sun Waves Uv Sterilizer

SunWaves is a sterilizer capable of eliminating germs, molds, bacteria and viruses in just 8 seconds. Designed to break down the bacterial load present on surfaces such as coffee cups or saucers. SunWaves was invented with the plight of the COVID-19 year in mind, to help you enjoy a gesture like drinking tea at the cafe safely. It can be used both in the professional and home environment because with a simple gesture it sterilizes in a very short time through a UV-C light that has a long life and minimal maintenance, also helping to reduce disposable material.

Sun Waves Uv Sterilizer
Giuseppe Santacroce Sun Waves
Giuseppe Santacroce Uv Sterilizer
Giuseppe Santacroce design
Giuseppe Santacroce design
Giuseppe Santacroce

The designer expresses his thoughts through the beauty of the materials. The designer's creations present an essential and decisive style. He often works with olive wood, recovered from knocked down specimens giving new life to the material. The projects are entirely handmade, thus projecting themselves in the search for an artistic and creative style supported by fine craftsmanship and the use of noble and eternal materials. The SantacroceDesign studio therefore moves away from industrialism by involving expert craftsmen in its projects.

C.o.l.d.a.p. Srl

The C.O.L.D.A.P. SRL is a company that works in the HO.RE.CA. and mainly deals with coffee and instant drinks. The company was founded in 1988 as a small local reality linked to the territory and the ritual of coffee. Since its inception, the company has distinguished itself and affirmed itself for the adoption of a company policy attentive to customer needs and oriented to the culture and genuineness of the products offered. Over time the company decided to focuses on new ideas to offer its customers a unique design, to combine aesthetic and sensorial pleasure.