Xiaoguo Rui The Kungfu Froggy Restaurant
The Kungfu Froggy Restaurant is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Kungfu Froggy Restaurant

The designer uses the depth of field of the garden as the carrier of the restaurant culture, combined with the transparency and fluidity of modernist space techniques, and realizes the connection and regeneration between indoor and outdoor, space and space by opening holes, borrowing scenery and other interface construction methods, so that the independent spaces can communicate while ensuring the privacy of each location, making the relationship between people bring in the role, resulting in the visual switching between the landscape artistic conception and the fashionable modern space.

The Kungfu Froggy Restaurant
Xiaoguo Rui The Kungfu Froggy
Xiaoguo Rui Restaurant
Xiaoguo Rui design
Xiaoguo Rui design
Xiaoguo Rui

Xiaoguo Rui , who has been in the industry for 16 years, has been thinking about the expression of humanities, art and space aesthetics, traditional culture and contemporary symbols. In 2016, he did not forget the original intention and moved forward, and established Hangzhou Ruichen Design on the bank of the Qiantang River in Hangzhou. In the fifth year of Hangzhou Ruichen Design, in the face of the development of the market, especially in the development trend of the catering market, the catering design to be done is to first study the operation mode of each catering project, from consumer psychology to restaurant design , moving lines, products; have served Beijing Banquet, South Beauty, Banquet Changsha, Haiwaihai, Beijing Tide Upsurge, Kaihai, Frog Xiaoxia, Lane, Green Tea, Qingyu... Redefining from innovative thinking, the restaurant design becomes the theme of the space, and the "long objects" of different cultures, different regions and different periods are naturally formed together.

Hangzhou Ruichen Design

Hangzhou Ruichen Design is a professional design company. Mainly high-end restaurants, clubs, and high-end residential projects. Since its establishment, it has served many well-known domestic catering brands. With good service, it has won the recognition of many customers and won many awards at home and abroad. The founder of the company believes that good design can generate better profit margins for customers.