Huang Hai Xia Changle Liquor Packaging
Changle Liquor Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Changle Liquor Packaging

Maotai brewed wine Changsheng product design is different from similar products, the form of expression is more open, the main design is positive growth at the same time to expand around, the Chinese unique health patterns: evergreen tree, Ganoderma lucidum platform, crane, Nanshan, Shuibo, etc. are integrated into it, representing people's pursuit of longevity, health and longevity; in the box structure, corrugated printing is used, one-stop printing Body molding, saving transportation space and cost, in line with the concept of modern environmental protection.

Changle Liquor Packaging
Huang Hai Xia Changle
Huang Hai Xia Liquor Packaging
Huang Hai Xia design
Huang Hai Xia design
Huang Hai Xia

She is a person who loves life, fears life and advocates nature. She like the traditional history and culture of the Chinese nation, and devote myself to reconstruct the traditional Chinese aesthetics with the modern aesthetic viewpoint, carry forward the Chinese culture, and let the world have a new understanding of the traditional Chinese culture.

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