Hao Li Athletic Illustration
Athletic Illustration is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Athletic Illustration

Inspired by the beauty of each sport, Hao has attempted to capture the unique rhythm of athletes' body movements through this illustration series. To get started, Hao simplified the complex athletes' body movements by using the simplest graphics and dialogue. Taking advantage of both traditional paintings and digital paintings, he recreated the texture of the paper and brush strokes. Through his unique illustration style, he brought out the dynamic and energetic, beautiful ethos of athletes and artists alike.

Athletic Illustration
Hao Li Athletic
Hao Li Illustration
Hao Li design
Hao Li design
Hao Li

Hao Li's love for painting came from the influence of his grandmother who also loves painting. The various excellent animated movies he saw while growing up also made the idea of making his own animation stronger and stronger. After trying to produce several personal animated shorts, he believes he has a mature level of animation. So, how to use animation to influence more people and make things better became his next goal. This goal was finally achieved when he contacted UNICEF and finally completed this short animation. By making more people aware of issues they hadn't been aware of before, Hao believes the world will become a better place.

Hao Li

Hao Li is an animator based in New York, he graduated in 2015 from SVA and became a freelancer since then. He has extensive experience in animation and design, and while he has completed several outstanding team projects, he continues to refine his professionalism and continues to create new content.