Linlin Li Eleware Culinary
Eleware Culinary is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Eleware Culinary

Eleware is a set of tableware based on the changing culture and ritual in China. It's designed to make the dining process more elegant and less embarrassing. It has three functions - hiding your face and bones when spitting out bones, using inclined bottom to help filter out oil on the food and helping people enjoy their soup like tea.

Eleware Culinary
Linlin Li Eleware
Linlin Li Culinary
Linlin Li design
Linlin Li design
Linlin Li

Linlin Li is a Chinese industrial designer who currently lives and works in London. Her work questions the norm in our everyday life and tells stories through creating new experiences and objects. Before studying Design Products at Royal College of Art, she studied interaction design and service design at Hunan University, China. Engaging in both art, product, system thinking, critical thinking, user experience and making, pushes her to think in a creative while rational way. Focused on the emotion and interaction between objects and people, she is obsessed with the objects that could give people strong feelings. She is trying to add speculative value to commercial products to create objects that are touching and make people think.


Linlin is a product design brand focusing on behaviour and culture. It uses objects to tell stories or convey an idea. It aims to bring critical thinking into our lives to rethink the norms and things that we take for granted. By combining craft and culture together, Linlin create objects that are both inspiring and beaturiful.