jaesu Choi Let’s Play School Spring Festival
Let’s Play School Spring Festival is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Event and Happening Design Award Category.
Let’s Play School Spring Festival

The theme of the Spring Festival is school. The focus is placed on matching school and theme park spaces, and it displays the beauty of spring that can be enjoyed simultaneously. Through the presentation of stories, for adults, it reminds them of precious memories, and for children, it provides them with a space for creating memories. It is reminiscent of a fun school attended by Lotty, Lorry, and cute animal characters in pretty school uniforms. (Lotty / Lorry: Lotte World's representative character). For the visitors, with the background of the theme park, fun photo zones are provided.

Let’s Play School Spring Festival
jaesu Choi Let’s Play School
jaesu Choi Spring Festival
jaesu Choi design
jaesu Choi design
jaesu Choi

Design is my job, hobby, and my favorite job. This project is one of the most important and interesting things to me. I will do my best for fun and fun things in the future. I hope the work will be a pleasure to others.


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