Nikolay Yarin Hello Papaya SOK Cafe
Hello Papaya SOK Cafe is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Hello Papaya SOK Cafe

Functional things such as the bar counter and the hanging structure above it smoothly flow into emotional ones symbols and hints of the jungle, tropical fruits and bright sun. By creating comfortable ergonomics of space also create "ergonomics" of perception and sensation. It is important for guests to get not only tasty food and a convenient place for taking it, but also to be inside the "some kind of theater", to become a part of the space, its character. The function of aesthetics is also important here as a function of ergonomics.

Hello Papaya SOK Cafe
Nikolay Yarin Hello Papaya SOK
Nikolay Yarin Cafe
Nikolay Yarin design
Nikolay Yarin design
Nikolay Yarin

Nikolay Yarin is an interior designer from Moscow, specialised mostly in commercial interiors and public places. His main approach to interior design is creating emotional design. Every project was made by Nikolay have its own story, spirit and special atmosphere. In other side, all the interiors are well designed with very thoughtful elements and love to details. Nikolay Yarin's approach to public interior design is always about dialogues. Designer have to listen and answer on people requests (not only customer, but workers, guests and even people around), but also offer something new, something better than was before. He always watch from very different points and put everything together to create comfortable for everyone place.

Hello Papaya

Hello Papaya - coffee shop chain for mainly office workers. Branches are located in Moscow business centers and coworking spaces. Healthy food and delicious coffee, also just place for meetings and work. Main visual core of the business - bright rich colors. Brand philosophy is all about fresh, green and ecological. The menu combines European and Asian cuisine. The cafe offers a wide range of ready-made dishes: salads, breakfasts, hot dishes, sandwiches and soups. As well as delicious desserts and a large selection of drinks.