Centrick Lifelong Online E-commerce Website
Lifelong Online E-commerce Website is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Lifelong Online E-commerce Website

Centrick set in place a brand guideline that matched speed with aesthetics. A clean and minimal style of photography was used to simply showcase the core of every product while reducing the deliberate clutter around them. It enabled them to shoot 130 products, catalogued in 300 shots, in just 32 hours. This rapid photography system enabled real time communication, a mandate for e-commerce. To maximize performance they took an extreme approach and challenged the very core of the platforms. A consolidated and integrated design approach was used to create this online destination.

Lifelong Online E-commerce Website
Centrick Lifelong Online
Centrick E-commerce Website
Centrick design
Centrick design
Lifelong Online

Customer-led Innovation with Iterative Focus to build a Brand for India Lifelong understands needs of a consumer has evolved. They search for functional modern solutions, for age-old challenges, simultaneously looking for great value for money and have now taken this search online. The products are designed and driven by data and backed by consumer insights. They have set up a value chain efficiency through a tech enabled D2C model. This has enabled them to create a winning value proposition for India and Indian households, where functionally crafted products are priced at least 30% lower than traditional brands.