Luigi & Wing Studio | Segacn Glowing Pavilion Commercial Office
Glowing Pavilion Commercial Office is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Glowing Pavilion Commercial Office

The Glowing Pavilion injects the traditional teahouse traits into the commercial office design and integrates the modernity of corporate image into business functional areas. This project, mindful of the journey of guests and employees, expresses the balance among cultural, natural, and commercial elements to convey a spatial innovation of the extraordinary design aesthetic.

Glowing Pavilion Commercial Office
Luigi & Wing Studio | Segacn Glowing Pavilion
Luigi & Wing Studio | Segacn Commercial Office
Luigi & Wing Studio | Segacn design
Luigi & Wing Studio | Segacn design
Luigi & Wing Studio

The studio specializes in spatial art of contemporary innovations triggering experience through exploration of challenges and breakthroughs. We believe that design infuse culture, aesthetics, and life into the business model to convey unique experiences and journeys for customers and enhancing the commercial value of enterprises and projects. Devoted to interior design, the founders, Luigi Fong and Wing Leung, are multidisciplinary specialists, providing all-inclusive design service from initial space planning, concept and design development through to project supervision, well-rounded also in styling, branding, and product design. With comprehensive insights, The Studio creates bespoke designs with authenticity and aestheticism according to clients’ requirement, without the compensation of feasibility and practicality. Our team is highly motivated and has completed extensive design projects for distinguished clients and brands. Our projects are throughout Hong Kong, Macau, and China in numerous fields – Hospitality, Entertainment, Commercial, Luxury Residentials, and F&B.