Ralf Kauffmann BSTN Raffle Sneakers Box
BSTN Raffle Sneakers Box is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
BSTN Raffle Sneakers Box

The task was to design and produce an action figure for a Nike shoe. Since this shoe combines a white snakeskin design with bright green elements, it was clear that the action figure would be a contortionist. Designers sketched and optimized the figure in a very short time as an action figure in the style of the well-known action heroes. Then they designed a small comic with a story and produced this figure in 3D printing with high-quality packaging.

BSTN Raffle Sneakers Box
Ralf Kauffmann BSTN Raffle
Ralf Kauffmann Sneakers Box
Ralf Kauffmann design
Ralf Kauffmann design
Ralf Kauffmann

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