Li Xiang New Century Magic Hotel
New Century Magic Hotel is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
New Century Magic Hotel

The project is located in a resort park in Huzhou, China. It is committed to creating a "hotel-paradise" vacation mode. Based on this design concept, Magic Hotel was build. Combining the characteristics of consumers, Magic Hotel not only meets the needs of children, inspires the entertainment and playfulness of children, but also takes into account the needs of business people, and arouses the inner childlike innocence of adults.

New Century Magic Hotel
Li Xiang New Century Magic
Li Xiang Hotel
Li Xiang design
Li Xiang design
Li Xiang

In 2011, Li Xiang founded X+Living Architectural Design in Shanghai, and has ever since been building her own design team working at the cutting edge of art, fashion and business. She has gained cross-field achievements by exploring interior design as an architect, creating many design works with commercial and aesthetic values in the culture, retail, hotel and other industries. Her high-profile design has become the benchmark in aesthetic design and strategic design, and won international recognition with a series of top international awards.


X+Living, founded in 2011 by Chinese architect Li Xiang, is an international architectural design company with a high pursuit of the perfect integration of artistic aesthetics and practical functions. X+Living takes"design creates value" as the core concept and insists on achieving the highest quality of design works from conceptual design to final completion. The projects, which has involved many fields of business, including parent-child, hotel, office, retail, culture, commerce, etc, had always driven the trend of the industry with high-level design confections and triggered enthusiastic feedback at the phenomenal level in the design industry. Accompanied by the management and founding of Li Xiang, X+Living has become a top design team led by several experienced designers. With high expert skills and outstanding service awareness, X+Living has created a surreal experience for consumers and unexpected brand values for customers.