Backbone Branding Kum-Kum Water Packaging
Kum-Kum Water Packaging is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Kum-Kum Water Packaging

The bottle has symmetrical droplets on its four sides, two facing upward and two facing downward, which shape the form of water in its dynamic substantiation. As for the label and logo, Backbone Branding has created a combination of a label and a filled bottle, which shows the transparency and plasticity of the water in its dynamics. The blue tint of the back label blends harmoniously with the bottle and, thanks to the refraction of light through the liquid, makes the bottle visible, and the brand's white logo on the transparent label becomes apparent due to the blue-tinted back label.

Kum-Kum Water Packaging
Backbone Branding Kum-Kum
Backbone Branding Water Packaging
Backbone Branding design
Backbone Branding design
Backbone Branding

For 12 year, Backbone Branding has been creating the brand identity and visual communication for brands from all around the world. Through their experience, the overcome challenges and the results that their clients have noticed due to their work, the team believes that design is a very powerful tool if used the right way. Especially in a society where efficient visual communication is more than ever the key to success. The team believes in using creativity and imagination in order to achieve transformation. The Agency has been given the title of Agency of the year 2019 by the Pentawards.

Backbone Branding

Backbone Branding is an independent branding agency in Armenia. Since 2009 it has been creating brand identity and visual communication, including naming, logo, packaging design, and brand concepts. The most exciting sphere for us is HoReCa, and we eager to create specific and exclusive innovative design solutions for each and every project. In just 11 years of existence, we have received about 70 awards from the leading and most renowned design competitions around the world, such as the Pentawards, Marking Awards, the Dieline, A’Design, etc. Moreover, Backbone Branding holds the title of the “Agency of the Year 2019 and 2020” by London-based prestigious packaging design competition Pentawards. We are the only company in the history of Pentawards to gain this title for 2 consecutive years. Moreover, we are ranked #8 on the competition’s all-time Top winners list - among the greatest and strongest design agencies of the world. Our works are being published in books and magazines globally. The secret of Backbone is its devoted team of illustrators, graphic designers, researchers, and analysts, who put indescribable effort and enthusiasm to create masterpieces in the design sphere, which is being appreciated worldwide. The founder and Creative Director of Backbone Branding, Stepan Azaryan is a member of the jury panel of numerous well-known awards, such as the Marking Awards, the Pentawards, and D&AD Awards. He always considers humility - the best guarantee of success, finds inspiration in Nature, and his core principle of creation is minimalism and functionality.