Carla Filomeno Tejeda DeliPeruano Signature Packaging
DeliPeruano Signature Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
DeliPeruano Signature Packaging

DeliPeruano Signature is a Premium Pisco Pairing Kit made with selected botanicals. Its packaging design combines a minimalist and traditional style at the same time. The cleanness and elegance, together with the use of silver ink, denote the purity and high quality of the products, while the handcrafted textures and materials refer to the tradition of this Peruvian liquor. In general, the design of the bottle and the other elements of the box allow showing and highlighting the attributes of the product, achieving a sensory experience that makes it unique and desirable.

DeliPeruano Signature Packaging
Carla Filomeno Tejeda DeliPeruano Signature
Carla Filomeno Tejeda Packaging
Carla Filomeno Tejeda design
Carla Filomeno Tejeda design
Carla Filomeno Tejeda

Peruvian graphic designer with 18 years of expertise, specializing in visual identity, branding and editorial design. Her work tends to have a clean, minimalist style. She focuses on brands and what makes them unique for their users, communicating their essence in a precise and innovative way. Her work has been shown in two graphic design exhibitions. She is also a professor of graphic design at UPC University in Lima.


DeliPeruano Signature is a 100% Peruvian gourmet product line made in limited edition, created by DeliPeruano, an online gourmet store. The brand aims to offer very high quality products that break with the usual, thinking especially in an audience with select and exquisite taste that seeks to have new sensations.