Yigang Shen E-Harbour E-boat Charging Station On Water
E-Harbour E-boat Charging Station On Water is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
E-Harbour E-boat Charging Station On Water

Nowadays, electric yachts are more and more popular among consumers. But there isn't enough infrastructure to keep them on their range of journey. E-Harbour Water charging station provides an adequate clean energy supply for various water vehicles. And provide temporary berths for long charging and replenishment. The modular design provides Individual floating islands or groups in coastal communities. It can be also add on some self-sailing power bank with solar power to distribute energy.

E-Harbour E-boat Charging Station On Water
Yigang Shen E-Harbour
Yigang Shen E-boat Charging Station On Water
Yigang Shen design
Yigang Shen design
Yigang Shen

I am a positive and optimistic designer, and I like to study seriously and pay attention to details. I am always happy to integrate into the team and put forward many substantive opinions in the work. In the project, I will observe and consider some issues from the perspective of sustainable development. At the same time, I will ask questions from other disciplines and analyse the user experience with empathy. Usually, I focus on innovative product design, interactive products and some popular virtual reality technology.

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