Rozita Sophia Fogelman Facebook Museum ASCII Digital Design Museum
Facebook Museum ASCII Digital Design Museum is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Idea Design Award Category.
Facebook Museum ASCII Digital Design Museum

The most interesting ways artists from around the world use Facebook as a medium, as a source material or as a starting point for criticism. Among these is the creative use of the user profile to artistic pursuits, both purely aesthetic natures, both conceptual in nature. Rozita Fogelman place status publishes images composed of graphic symbols, which is an activity that led to the mastery of Facebook Museum page. Featured in: Experimental Film, Net Art. Facebook: the social network as a space for art.

Facebook Museum ASCII Digital Design Museum
Rozita Sophia Fogelman Facebook Museum
Rozita Sophia Fogelman ASCII Digital Design Museum
Rozita Sophia Fogelman design
Rozita Sophia Fogelman design
Rozita Sophia Fogelman

Designer / Educator / Multi-disciplinary Media Artist / Innovator Rozita S. Fogelman is a Russian/American conceptual artist and eco-art activist. Born in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia, she immigrated with her family to Israel in 1975, and since 1998 she lives and works in Berkeley, California. She studied dance and music in Tbilisi, Georgia; graphic design and sculpture in Jaffa, Tel Aviv; Avni Institute of Art and Design, and in 2011, she pioneered a new multi-disciplinary media art graduate program at California State University East Bay with emphasis on multimedia, communication and contemporary studio practice arts. "Style of Fogelman's work is mainly abstract expressionist with emphasis on experimental use of unconventional tools and techniques. The work's primary focus is on energy, color and surface." Grace Munakata

Logo - ASCII Facebook Digital Design Museum

Logo for ASCII Facebook Digital Design Museum was created using Special Characters with American Standard Code for Information Interchange on simple text platforms. The ASCII logo was subtracted from a complex design to symbolize the overall design look and feel of 'Building Blocks'. The logo was designed by the juxtaposition of 14 black and 10 white squares to reflect the space being used when typing in any digital text field. However, by using Special Characters instead of an alphabet, the design projects the basic coding computer's language of '0101', which in reverse resembles the Morse code yet for designing graphics. Moreover, the logo symbolized the 'Golden Square' of the golden computer era where two robotic figures adding and subtracting input substance in a repetitive action of copy and past in a digital robotic environment alike as on social media and www where users creating content for the web. Inspired by Gutenberg's Movable-type and by Morse code, the ASCII logo purely resembles a movable geometrical design of basic forms to create instant graphic models and to share online. The positive and negative space produces a feeling of ongoing action of created digital content.