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Blueocean Website is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Blueocean Website

Blueocean's goal is to provide affordable access to market data to allow brand owners and marketers proactively build a solid business strategy, with features ranging from brand personality assessments, content checks, competitor benchmark analysis and actionable suggestions. Seamless visualization and easy experience is a key factor for brand owners and marketers to be able to understand millions of market data and get insights to help them strategize and stay ahead of competitors.

Blueocean Website
Sixty Two Blueocean
Sixty Two Website
Sixty Two design
Sixty Two design

Blueocean is a new startup offering companies a relatively fast and affordable way to see how their brands are performing and what they can do to improve. Proudly headquartered in Oakland, CA, Blueocean was founded by partners who spent 20 years building the greatest brands in the world by capitalizing on exclusivity of data and the scale to dominate markets. They are breaking down the walled gardens of data exclusivity and giving tens of thousands of Davids the tools to beat the few Goliaths.