Junichi Kawanishi Riga marathon 2020 Runner's Medals
Riga marathon 2020 Runner's Medals is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Awards, Prize and Competitions Design Award Category.
Riga marathon 2020 Runner's Medals

The 30th anniversary medal of the Riga International Marathon Course has a symbolic shape connecting the two bridges. The infinitely continuous image represented by the 3D curved surface is designed in five sizes according to the mileage of the medal, such as full marathon and half marathon. The finish is matte bronze, and the back of the medal is engraved with the tournament name and mileage. The ribbon is composed of the colors of the city of Riga, with gradations and traditional Latvian patterns in contemporary patterns.

Riga marathon 2020 Runner's Medals
Junichi Kawanishi Riga marathon 2020
Junichi Kawanishi Runner's Medals
Junichi Kawanishi design
Junichi Kawanishi design
Junichi Kawanishi

He is involved in signage and product design for public and commercial facilities in Japan. His recent work has designed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal and the Riga International Marathon medal. He creates various designs that incorporate symbolic elements beyond the fields of graphic design and product design. The design he creates is not just functional, it is important for the people who use it to find courage and purpose in life.

Rimi Riga Marathon

The Riga Marathon (also known as the Rimi Riga Marathon) is an annual road marathon held in Riga, Latvia, since 1991. It is a member of AIMS and is categorized as a Gold Label Road Race by World Athletics. The marathon starts and finishes near Riga Castle, and runs through Old Riga as well as across the Daugava River. As of 2019, the marathon winner may receive up to 15,000 EUR in prize money, plus a bonus if the distance record is also broken.Rimi Riga Marathon is one of the fastest growing marathons in Northern Europe. In 2019, there were 25 659 participants over five different distances from 82 countries.