Rozita Sophia Fogelman Roses and Kaleidoscope NFT Digital Art
Roses and Kaleidoscope NFT Digital Art is Iron Design Award winner in 2022 - 2023 Digital Art Award Category.
Roses and Kaleidoscope NFT Digital Art

This is a fascinating project that started in 2012 as a Facebook page where ASCII and Unicode patterns have been generated. In this abstract project, the generated patterns are adapted for digital art. Why ASCII and Unicode for digital design are so clever? This project shows how a straightforward system of 8-bit and 16-bit code and potentially any HTML text field can be utilised to generate intensely beautiful patterns through iteration and duration and collaboration it can produce sophisticated and vibrant results. This project aims to set up an interactive digital patterns bank on Facebook.

Roses and Kaleidoscope NFT Digital Art
Rozita Sophia Fogelman Roses and Kaleidoscope
Rozita Sophia Fogelman NFT Digital Art
Rozita Sophia Fogelman design
Rozita Sophia Fogelman design
Rozita Sophia Fogelman

Research Scientist / Designer / Multi-disciplinary Media Artist / Innovator Rozita S. Fogelman is a Russian/American conceptual artist and eco-art activist. Born in 1964 in Tbilisi, Georgia, she immigrated with her family to Israel in 1975, and since 1998 she lives and works in Berkeley, California. She studied dance and music in Tbilisi, Georgia; graphic design and sculpture in Jaffa, Tel Aviv; Avni Institute of Art and Design, and in 2011, she pioneered a new multi-disciplinary media art graduate program at California State University East Bay with emphasis on multimedia, communication and contemporary studio practice arts. In 2016, Fogelman receive an honoree title of Research Scientist in tech, art & design from the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem, Israel for the ASCII Graphic Glitch Art I & II she self-published in 2013 & 2015. "Style of Fogelman's work is mainly abstract expressionist with emphasis on the experimental use of unconventional tools and techniques. The work's primary focus is on energy, patterns, and surface." Grace Munakata

ASCII Digital Design Museum

ASCII Digital Design Museum aka ADDM aims to be a futuristic Unicode pattern bank on Facebook, to be built on the fundamental principles of contemporary tech, arts, and design embracing the primary use of ASCII and Unicode code as digital building blocks for visual communication. ADDM is the 2021 A'Design Award-winning in the Idea Design category and the 2022 American Institute of Architects for an unbuilt project. ADDM was founded on Facebook by Rozita Fogelman from her studio in Berkeley, California, on July 5, 2012.