Juwon Kim Eco Expo Poster
Eco Expo Poster is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Eco Expo Poster

The graphic design '404 not found', displayed in 'Eco Expo' in 2019. In the graphics, multiple pixel layers repeat their appearance and disappearance being damaged or transforming into new images. There are layers implying the concept of plants being artificially selected or vanishing away. The layer cover up the previous by changing its ratio. This represents the gap between the original plant and the artificially selected new concept as in the 404 error.

Eco Expo Poster
Juwon Kim Eco Expo
Juwon Kim Poster
Juwon Kim design
Juwon Kim design
KEITI(Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute)

KEITI(Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute) is a quasi-government agency under the Ministry of Environment. KEITI fosters the environmental industry and supports the development of environmental technologies that clean our air and water, recycle and treat wastes and heal our natural environment. We seek to unburden those suffering from polluted environment and harmful substances and help the people lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle.