Li Jiuzhou 600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven Liquor Packaging
600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven Liquor Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven Liquor Packaging

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China has a history of 600 years. For this memorable 600 years, a group of commemorative white spirits was designed. The expression mode is modern and contains tradition. The ancient Chinese concept of "round heaven and square earth" is well reflected in this design. Everyone has good expectations, just like going to the temple of heaven to worship god, hope" Every corner of the world, Stability and Richness, Year after year, Forever peace".

600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven Liquor Packaging
Li Jiuzhou 600th Anniversary Temple of Heaven
Li Jiuzhou Liquor Packaging
Li Jiuzhou design
Li Jiuzhou design
Li Jiuzhou

Li Jiuzhou is a Chinese designer. Li Jiuzhou majored in visual communication and advertising design as a student. Since my work, I have been groping deeply in design and making cross-border design. He believes that designers must stand in the front line with customers, provide more professional and better services and produce more valuable content that can impress consumers. He has many works in China. He also holds the position of visual director in many large enterprises. Rich and varied design styles are his characteristics. He can blend Chinese culture and fashion well.

Beijing Temple of Heaven Store

Temple of Heaven Park is located in the south of Beijing, on the east side of Yongdingmennei Street in Dongcheng District. It covers an area of about 2.73 million square meters. The Temple of Heaven was built in the 18th year of Yongle in Ming Dynasty (1420), and was rebuilt during Qianlong and Guangxu in Qing Dynasty. Now it is a world cultural heritage, a national key cultural relic protection unit, a national AAAAA-level tourist scenic spot, and a demonstration site of a national civilized scenic spot. Temple of Heaven Park was a place where emperors sacrificed to the emperor and prayed for abundant harvest in Ming and Qing Dynasties.