Musa Çelik Super Box Package
Super Box Package is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Super Box Package

The Super Box is a food delivery package designed for Divan Restaurant in Turkey. The various shapes of the boxes help to prepare and deliver the orders efficiently. Moreover, the thermochromic ink on the package can inform about the temperature levels of the food. The package is recyclable and environmentally friendly since it is produced with biodegradable materials, such as rice.

Super Box Package
Musa Çelik Super Box
Musa Çelik Package
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik design
Musa Çelik

Musa Celik graduated from fine arts department in university and then he decided to focus on designing. After working in some companies he founded his design agency Tasarist in 2011. He specialized on packaging design and worked with many local and global brands. He is a well known designer in his country and he has lots of national and international awards. He designed a lot of home care product package for well known brands in Turkey.


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