Vladimir Zagorac EnGo Battery Case
EnGo Battery Case is Bronze Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
EnGo Battery Case

EnGo is a portable multi-functional battery case intended for usage in different solutions, from 12V and 24V solar street lights to high-end electric vehicles, depending on the orientation and placement. The form maximally utilizes available space, allowing the cables and connectors to fall between the units. The specially devised detachable handle makes carrying and positioning inside a set easier. The terminal caps can be tightened by hand or Allen key. The performance and battery capacity can be monitored by a smartphone via Bluetooth.

EnGo Battery Case
Vladimir Zagorac EnGo
Vladimir Zagorac Battery Case
Vladimir Zagorac design
Vladimir Zagorac design
Vladimir Zagorac

Vladimir Zagorac is a product designer based in Belgrade, Serbia. His opus includes projects in the fields of consumer products, electronics, packaging, home and urban furniture. His main field of interest is conceptualizing, structuring and developing products from within. He believes an object form should be thought out and every detail should have a functional reason. He tries to unify universal and timeless aesthetics with smart innovative solutions in every product.

EnGo Planet

EnGo Planet is a New York-based clean tech startup, founded after hurricane Sandy, with offices in Belgrade, whose products promote a lifestyle of using alternative energy sources that will reduce dependency on fossil fuels for energy. Its research and development strategy focuses on smart solar lighting and power supply equipment. It currently has clients across the US and the World.