AlexXu&Partners Sunac WandaRealm Kunming Nightscape Design
Sunac WandaRealm Kunming Nightscape Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Sunac WandaRealm Kunming Nightscape Design

This project was designed in Jan 2018 and opened business in Dec 2019. Regarding to the traditional culture of local ethnic minority and the theme of antique building style of the hotel group, designers layout lighting plan by unearthing the concept of “symbiosis between architecture and people” and pursuing a sense of ritual symmetry in the central axis.

Sunac  WandaRealm Kunming Nightscape Design
AlexXu&Partners Sunac  WandaRealm Kunming
AlexXu&Partners Nightscape Design
AlexXu&Partners design
AlexXu&Partners design

I am QingliuXu,I have over 13 years experience in lighting design, specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting design of international brand hotel buildings/large urban complex buildings. With overseas experience, I went to Singapore in 2007 to work as a project designer in Light Planners International Lighting Design studios. In 2009, Price Lighting Design Consultant Co., Ltd. was established and is currently the design director of Price Lighting Design Co. Over the years, I have created a legend of light for many hotels and urban projects. My idea: use the least light to achieve the best effect, to natural optics, to achieve the effect of invisible light.

Alex Xu & Partners

We have formed strategic partnerships with hundreds of companies including Wanda, Vanke, Evergrande Group, New Town Holdings, Kaisa, Overseas Chinese Town, Minmetals, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hard Rock Hotel, etc.