Adel Badrawy U Villa Residential House
U Villa Residential House is Iron Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
U Villa Residential House

The U-shaped house was inspired by the horseshoe and the outer envelope was inspired by the Burqa’a. Two essential but different elements in the Saudi culture. Elements that resemble both pride and humbleness, strength and privacy, beauty and mystery. Quite an interesting formula. Which is what this house is all about.

U Villa Residential House
Adel Badrawy U Villa
Adel Badrawy Residential House
Adel Badrawy design
Adel Badrawy

I am an Egyptian architect. Passionate about designing and creating solutions for our built environment. I believe this is the best way an architect can contribute to the community he/she belongs to. Architects in general are responsible for coming up and creating solutions to provide the best comfort and healthy environment inside and outside the buildings.

Rawasem Architecture Workshop 'RAW'

RAW is an architecture studio based in Cairo, Egypt. Established in 2015 RAW has been working in Egypt and the GCC region and has gained a tremendous experience dealing with high profile companies and individuals. RAW believes that architecture is an attempt towards reaching a level of humanity and sensitivity to the living environment. Always researching living models and paradigms in order to prevent cities from becoming abandoned dead places in their monotony and lifelessness.