Vilius Dringelis Art and Us Book Design
Art and Us Book Design is Golden Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Art and Us Book Design

Lewben Art Foundation has published a book of selected works of foundation. The art album consists of two parts: the main one with visualizations and a booklet with information in the pocket. The book creates an impression of the artist sketchbook, therefore, each page is illustrated with original textures and used a stitching technology. To reveal the topic were used a transparent PVC cover and various transparent and rough papers for documentation and markers. As in the sketchbook, the book is rich in various technical principles - foiling, offset printing and silk-screen printing.

Art and Us Book Design
Vilius Dringelis Art and Us
Vilius Dringelis Book Design
Vilius Dringelis design
Vilius Dringelis design
Vilius Dringelis

Vilius Dringelis is a Lithuanian designer, interested in innovative expression. His designs include furniture, accessories, packaging, books, etc. Dringelis’s work reflects a spirit of experimentation coupled with a respect for the demands of professional practice. The designer combines innovative, contemporary digital technologies and various materials to create new, unique items. He likes to give a great importance to the creative process, coincidences, his philosophy embodies design as an art.

Lewben Art Foundation

The Lewben Art Foundation was established in 2013 by art patron, collector and chairman of the Board at Lewben Group Vilius Kavaliauskas and his wife Rita KavaliauskienÄ— with the aim of making the constantly growing collection of 1,500 pieces of artwork representing more than 300 artists available to the public. The collection of the Foundation includes artwork of various media, starting with painting, sculpture, photography, graphics and also includes video works, installations and documented performances; it covers the period from the 20th century Lithuanian modernism to Lithuanian and international contemporary art. By creating and initiating various modern and contemporary art projects and by contributing to them, the Lewben Art Foundation promotes interest in visual arts. The Foundation has already held several dozen exhibitions, published a number of art albums and monographs about artists. The Lewben Art Foundation has plans to establish its own exhibition spaces in the future, but for the time being, the Foundation cooperates with professional visual art institutions in Lithuania and abroad.