Antonia Skaraki FairyFox Skincare
FairyFox Skincare is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
FairyFox Skincare

Welcome to an adventurous journey towards the sense of nature. Feel the mystique surrounding these skincare products. The design nods to the bond between Mother Nature and her children, while the high quality materials lend a tactile feel and a lasting impression. Competition mapping and trends analysis led to the discovery of opportunity spaces that aligned with the client's vision and strategy, leading to modern, minimal and warm packaging.

FairyFox Skincare
Antonia Skaraki FairyFox
Antonia Skaraki Skincare
Antonia Skaraki design
Antonia Skaraki design
Fairy Fox

Inspired by “The Little Prince” and the heart-warming messages of the wise fox in this enchanting fable of their childhood, the FAIRY FOX brand ensures a “Healthy Ever After” ending to all skincare issues. FAIRY FOX is a magical and mystical creature, famed for its kind-hearted nature and its vibrant personality, that comes to the rescue whenever need be, with purely natural skincare products made with lovingly handcrafted energy to nourish everyone’s skin from head to toe!