Fabrizzio Mendez Curridabat Ciudad Dulce Place Branding
Curridabat Ciudad Dulce Place Branding is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Curridabat Ciudad Dulce Place Branding

The design emerges from the vision of the local government called Ciudad Dulce (Sweet City); its purpose is to promote a positive experience for all citizens, by seeking inspiration in nature. Hence, it is from nature that this liquid brand arises; it is built from shapes in repetition, patterns, organization, and structures present in the natural environment, just like honeycombs. These patterns support a flexible, vivid and easily identifiable visual system that helps the brand connect with a wide variety of audiences with which it interacts.

Curridabat Ciudad Dulce Place Branding
Fabrizzio Mendez Curridabat Ciudad Dulce
Fabrizzio Mendez Place Branding
Fabrizzio Mendez design
Fabrizzio Mendez design
Fabrizzio Mendez

Fabrizzio Mendez is a graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience, who has helped various companies, large and small, to improve the performance of their brands. This has been done in conjunction with his partner Yesenia Salazar and her team at her branding company Kerigma. As dictated by the mission of his company, he firmly believes that brand management is not a purely aesthetic issue, but rather involves the active work of the client and the clear identification of the essence of the brand.


Kerigma is a branding company located in Costa Rica, with more than 20 years of existence. It was born with the desire to deepen the essence of its clients to guide them on the path to differentiate themselves and gain a place in the hearts of their audiences, through the strategic communication of their brands. It does so by striving to offer the best quality and with an empathetic and close service, as well as a genuine commitment to the client and their goals.