Emi Kawasaki Dimension in the Shadows Calendar
Dimension in the Shadows Calendar is Platinum Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Dimension in the Shadows Calendar

Black paperboard is carried out laser cut precisely, come out 12 pieces of differently designed monthly calendar cards, mounted each one in a slit of wooden cube. Each abstract object represents a scene or a moment in changing seasons in Japan, but regardless of age or nationality, inspire people free imagination. It is worthy for observation as a paper sculpture, perceive a sharp outline attractively at back light. In every moment, the casted shadow forms various shape different from the paper itself according to the light come in, add a little entertainment in everyday scene respectively.

Dimension in the Shadows Calendar
Emi Kawasaki Dimension in the Shadows
Emi Kawasaki Calendar
Emi Kawasaki design
Emi Kawasaki design
Emi Kawasaki

She has been active as an art director for more than 10years in graphic design field. Package design and branding for food, confectionary and cosmetics, sales catalogue of housing for leading company in japan, poster for movie and exhibition, VI and CI, she has been producing remarkable achievement in her graphic design and art direction work. Taking closely care and aiming about pursuing of bring out the best as it is from a matter of projects she face. It makes the visual communication resonant with our society, it is the essence and main purpose of graphic designing she believes. Her approach is deep observing logically and various aspects in an issue, bring out purified best in it. When the works cause comfortable resonance between clients and receivers, that is the moment of excitement and encourage her. Visual communications bear the role of making comfortable human society, she is always challenging mutual transmission of one's warm identity to the other. Through her private life and creative work, she is often inspired by nature, such as natural phenomena, nature's blessing, beautifulness of natural vitality. Extraordinary natural cycles give us a life with joy and many lessons. Interested in human evolution is also her source of creative imaginations.

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