Kristina Pacesaite Birds Packaging
Birds Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Packaging Design Award Category.
Birds Packaging

Every product deserves a right packaging. By developing this packaging, designer helped a successful coffee roaster company to reach new people that value premium quality coffee and care about it's origin. By providing the new look of the packaging, designer was trying to enhance the value of the handmade coffee that comes from almost every continent. The decision to use bird illustrations of each country was based on their elegant nature and also a hand crafted feel they give to the final product. Kraft paper and deep dark brown color of the illustrations also serve the same purpose.

Birds Packaging
Kristina Pacesaite Birds
Kristina Pacesaite Packaging
Kristina Pacesaite design
Kristina Pacesaite design
Kristina Pacesaite

Each one of us in unique. I find the magic happens in the process of work itself. I enjoy the transition between the ideas from “ideal world” into material matter. The most important think is that I've found my purpose in my work and I can grow professionally with each project. Being specialized in one area ( gastronomy) helps me to stay in focus an monitor the industry news, which will help me in the designing process afterwards. I feel happy when I stumble upon some fresh ideas and solutions for my clients. I also enjoy to make my own in house projects in my spare time.

Kavos gurmanai

The story of "Kavos gurmanai"began with a passion for coffee. One of the first roasters in Lithuania, "Kavos gurmanai" have accumulated experience since 2002. Mostly selling though their online shop and serving coffee almost from every continent.