Juyeon Park Zodiacville Runners Illustration
Zodiacville Runners Illustration is Bronze Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Print and Published Media Design Award Category.
Zodiacville Runners Illustration

Zodiacville Runnersl is a children's fairy tale about Zodiacville's animals participated in the running festival hosted by the Dragon King. This project is an experimental mixture of traditional Korean 'minhwa' attributes and illustrator's own digital painting styles. Accordingly, folkish episodes of zodiacville animals are based on the humorous and joyful sentiment of the festival. Furthermore, numerous dilute dots were blended layer by layer, inspired by the oriental back-painting technique.

Zodiacville Runners Illustration
Juyeon Park Zodiacville Runners
Juyeon Park Illustration
Juyeon Park design
Juyeon Park design
Juyeon Park

Solving problems through design always interests me. Thanks to having experienced various media while majoring in digital media design in university, I have no rejection of crossing the spectrum. I am naturally growing into a designer who can communicate with the world through various designs. Not only I currently work as a visual interaction designer, but I work on various designs through side projects.


Karandashi is a non-profit organization that conducts educational support business and fairy tale publishing for Koryoin in domestic and foreign. It is a project team under the Russia-CIS Institute at Korea University, organized by students who desired to contribute to the language and culture education of Koryoin.