Marian Visterniceanu Tbilisi Design Hotel Double Room
Tbilisi Design Hotel Double Room is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Tbilisi Design Hotel Double Room

Inspired by the environment where is located, this project is a representation of urban life, based on the harmony of the non-colors and the calmness of the lines and forms. The design project was elaborated for the interiors of double rooms with small surface of a hotel located in the heart of Tbilisi city. The narrow space of the room was not an impediment to the creation of a comfortable and functional interior. The interior was divided into functional areas, which provide a good value of the space. The color range is built on the game between black and white nuances.

Tbilisi Design Hotel Double Room
Marian Visterniceanu Tbilisi Design Hotel
Marian Visterniceanu Double Room
Marian Visterniceanu design
Marian Visterniceanu design
Marian Visterniceanu

Marian Visterniceanu is an award-winning designer and interior architect that brings revolutionary design concepts and always offers a ”something extra” in terms of beauty and uniqueness. By age 28 he is a design director at Design Solutions LTD in MDA and ADA CORP. in the USA. Marian has developed the platform - specifically for the next generation of up-and-coming interiors. In his 11 years of experience, Marian has helped over 200 clients invest correctly in business spaces, hotels, restaurants, and residential spaces of over $300 MM. His purpose is to inspire and seduce the world with innovative, breathtaking designs.

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