Marian Visterniceanu Brooklyn Luxury Residential House
Brooklyn Luxury Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Luxury Design Award Category.
Brooklyn Luxury Residential House

Inspired by the passion of the client for rich historical residences, this project represents an adaptation of the functionalism and tradition to the intentions of the present. Thus, the classic style was chosen, adapted and stylized to the canons of contemporary design and modern technologies, the novel materials of good quality have contributed to the creation of this project - a true jewel of the New York Architecture. Expected expenditures will exceed 5 million American dollars, will offer the premise of creating a stylish and opulent interior, but also functional and comfortable.

Brooklyn Luxury Residential House
Marian Visterniceanu Brooklyn Luxury
Marian Visterniceanu Residential House
Marian Visterniceanu design
Marian Visterniceanu design
Marian Visterniceanu

Marian Visterniceanu is an award-winning designer and interior architect that brings revolutionary design concepts and always offers a ”something extra” in terms of beauty and uniqueness. By age 28 he is a design director at Design Solutions LTD in MDA and ADA CORP. in the USA. Marian has developed the platform - specifically for the next generation of up-and-coming interiors. In his 11 years of experience, Marian has helped over 200 clients invest correctly in business spaces, hotels, restaurants, and residential spaces of over $300 MM. His purpose is to inspire and seduce the world with innovative, breathtaking designs.

Design Solutions S.R.L.

Design Solutions is the studio that comes with a conceptual idea of turnkey interior design, which assures our beneficiaries the comfort of settling in a new home or commercial space fully equipped and equipped without wasting time and money participating in the coordination activities of the work.