Gautam Desai DoReDo Salon
DoReDo Salon is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
DoReDo Salon

One of the most prominent elements of the design that was designed to be specifically eye catching, is the pop colour, coral. The coral serves two purposes, it is reflective of luxury and beauty, and also happens to be a colour that few brands have adopted. The coral only makes its presence felt in the arches of the retail courtyard, the hub of DoReDo that offshoots onto its various offerings. No matter where you go in the space, you have to pass through the coral arched courtyard in the luxury industrial chic salon.

DoReDo Salon
Gautam Desai DoReDo
Gautam Desai Salon
Gautam Desai design
Gautam Desai design
Gautam Desai Design

Gautam Desai Design, an award wining design practice emerges from the energetic, aesthetic voice of Gautam Desai. Gautam Desai, primarily a modernist, believes in harmonising his views on aesthetics & styling, program interpretation, conservation & sustainability, pop culture, branding, glamour, elegance and liveability into his multidisciplinary boutique design firm catering to high end luxury residential and commercial spaces. Striving to create spaces that inspire, Gautam Desai Design is most recognised for avant-garde transformation of spaces; and works like a well oiled machine with high participation of clients and associates as part of the collaborative process. Past work has taken the design studio to diverse destinations such as New York City, San Francisco, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Middle East. Gautam Desai Design brings a wealth of practical experience and professionalism in project management and custom furniture design, ensuring that every aspect of each undertaking runs seamlessly. The end result: Gautam Desai Design promises spaces that are glamorous yet grounded, sophisticated yet livable, modern yet timeless and, above all,inspiring and cool!