Jong Hun Choi Pimoji More Intuitive Pill Design
Pimoji More Intuitive Pill Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Idea Design Award Category.
Pimoji More Intuitive Pill Design

Older people suffer from many chronic diseases and are taking as many medicines. However, most elderly people often take medicines that do not fit the symptoms because of poor eyesight and poor memory. On the other hand, most conventional pills are similar and difficult to distinguish. Pimoji is shaped like an organ, so it's easy to see what organs or symptoms the drug can help. These Pimoji will help not only the elderly, but also the blind who suffer from blindness and are unable to distinguish drugs.

Pimoji More Intuitive Pill Design
Jong Hun Choi Pimoji
Jong Hun Choi More Intuitive Pill Design
Jong Hun Choi design
Jong Hun Choi design
Jong Hun Choi

Jong Hun Choi is a Korean Designer and Big design thinker. He stresses that designers should always think. Even when we handle tools, we handle them with thought. We should think about what this tool will be used for, how it will be used, and what it will be made and handled by using it, even in modern times. Just knowing how to use tools doesn't make you a good designer. Designers should always keep their own philosophies in mind. If you don't have anything in you while designing, you can't do anything, including design, he argues. He also recently won the winner at Asia Design Prize 2020, the largest design award in Asia.He always focuses on the nature of things and their use, and does design activities that change the nature of people's lives.

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