Tairan Hao and Shan Xu Ceramics Extension Art Installation
Ceramics Extension Art Installation is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Ceramics Extension Art Installation

The installation is formed by traditional handmade ceramics sculptures and 3D printed plastic sculptures. The art and design are trying to communicate a strong feeling to the audiences that every object, everyone, everything is being extended infinitely. With the presence of sculpture, it is communicating part of the objects they see are real, but the other objects are the reflection by the mirrors, which is unreal. The interaction makes people think that they are stepping into a fantasy world that is created by themselves.

Ceramics Extension Art Installation
Tairan Hao and Shan Xu Ceramics Extension
Tairan Hao and Shan Xu Art Installation
Tairan Hao and Shan Xu design
Tairan Hao and Shan Xu design
Tairan Hao and Shan Xu

Tairan Hao and Shan Xu are Chinese new media artists and designers in Beijing. Their work questions current nature and technology development, socio-cultural, and gender norms, with a particular emphasis on exploring the relationship between technology and art activism. Naturally drawn to uncovering the nuances and mechanism of the world people live in, they are particularly interested in exploring our daily landscapes and the critical concerns of modern times: the conflicting forces that shape land and humans. Their goal is to recreate spaces that intrigue and encourage the viewer to slow down and indulge in a moment of contemplation and reflection.

Tairan Hao

Tairan Hao is a contemporary artist based in China. He is known for 2D, 3D, multimedia arts. He has held multiple personal art exhibitions in China and the United States. Most of his arts are trying to communicate the idea that the relationship between the real natural world and the technological virtual world. He explores different types of technologies that can be applied to art and design.