Yen C Chen Simplest Happiness Commercial Animation
Simplest Happiness Commercial Animation is Platinum Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Simplest Happiness Commercial Animation

The Chinese zodiac in that year is the pig, so Yen C designed the sliced pig, and it's a pun in "many hot movies" in Chinese. The characters are very happy, just in line with the channel's image has always wanted to give the audience the feeling. And combine four movies elements into the video. Children who are playing can best show pure happiness, and hope that the audience will have the same feeling when watching the movie.

Simplest Happiness Commercial Animation
Yen C Chen Simplest Happiness
Yen C Chen Commercial Animation
Yen C Chen design
Yen C Chen design
Yen C Chen

Yen C is born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, He is an motion graphics designer with professional experiences of channel Identity, music video, TV commercial and image advertisement. He has held several positions as visual designer at many visual studios, being familiar with 3D and 2D techniques.Through his artistic creations he strives to bring joy, entertainment, inspiration to all of his clients and audiences.

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