Jarosław Markowicz Radial Litter Bin
Radial Litter Bin is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Radial Litter Bin

The Enovio Radial Smart Bin is a smart City product adapted to the needs of modern cities. Design of the product was dictated by functionality. The product can fulfill an important information function in the city system by collecting data and transferring it to city services. The built-in photovoltaic panel can power the air quality sensor, fill sensor and advertisement lighting. These functionalities will help the city service to get information about the bin requiring emptying and the residents to read the air quality measurements in a given location.

Radial Litter Bin
Jarosław Markowicz Radial
Jarosław Markowicz Litter Bin
Jarosław Markowicz design
Jarosław Markowicz design

Enovio is a technology startup specializing in the design and supply of intelligent urban furniture. The mission is to create solutions for cities of the future: energetically autonomous products that combine electronic functions with urban space. We integrate urban furniture with a number of additional functionalities such as mobile device chargers, smog sensors and presence sensors.