Haitao Song Interdependence Poster Design
Interdependence Poster Design is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Social Design Award Category.
Interdependence Poster Design

On the Theoretical Thinking Concerning the Interdependence of Mankind and the Nature.Person and the natural environment are be interdependent, mutual effect, the unity of opposites entirety.Coronavirus has spread to the world and caused certain panic. This print advertisement which represents the relationship between the outbreak of coronavirus and the consumption of wild animal. In this way, the advertisement conveys the important idea that protecting wild animals is protecting human beings.

Interdependence Poster Design
Haitao Song Interdependence
Haitao Song Poster Design
Haitao Song design
Haitao Song design
Haitao Song

Being a designer, brand consultant and Young artist, Song Haitao is dedicated to educate and enlighten minds through design works.She was born in Lanzhou, China.She learned how to accept life as it is from her father.Her design style was deeply influenced by her father.She refused to constrain herself in a single, recognizable style. Her design covered many topics including music, technology, exhibition, and business, switching briskly among different design types like posters, books, images or even space.


Each new idea is the crystallization of her constant exploration and experimentation with different possibilities. She always abandons the old and tries to get rid of the new, and systematically integrates all kinds of ideas and innovations. Each batch of works reflects the leap of her subjective imagination and her ingenuity to control and create the works.