Estudio Maba Sierra Cantabria Wine Family
Sierra Cantabria Wine Family is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Sierra Cantabria Wine Family

The design of this extensive family of wines has the mission of collecting the manifesto of 150 years of history to build the language of its labels. The different variants that it has give rise to a very large family, whose brand is worked together, but also retains subtle differences between one of the bottles to give rise to a range full of elegance and expressiveness. Using the winery's own heraldic symbols in combination with a hierarchy of typographic elements, manages to create more than 50 combinations of labels, with a serene and elegant design.

Sierra Cantabria Wine Family
Estudio Maba Sierra Cantabria
Estudio Maba Wine Family
Estudio Maba design
Estudio Maba design
Bodegas y viƱedos Sierra Cantabria

The unmistakable and very personal stamp that the family imprints upon the wines, brings together a daily quest for improvement and a passion for a job well done, from the demanding search for the best conditions for grapevine cultivation to the presentation of the final product to the wine lover. The family and their wineries enjoy prestige both in Spain and internationally and have won a number of distinctions and prizes.