Salomeh sorouri Code ring Jewelry
Code ring Jewelry is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Code ring Jewelry

In CodeRing it is feasible to detach the inner shank (followed by the stone) from the main shank and use it as a separate piece. Also, the silver-made main shank of the ring, which is a signification of human corporeal vessel, can be used as a discrete piece of jewelry. The stone in the center is placed as a beating heart with golden capillaries. Moreover, the stone of the internal ring has been made out of natural and nature-friendly materials; in which no chemical color or substance was used in the process of making and production.

Code ring Jewelry
Salomeh sorouri Code ring
Salomeh sorouri Jewelry
Salomeh sorouri design
Salomeh sorouri design
Salomeh sorouri

Salomeh Sorouri is the founder and director of Atelier and Gallery Sorouri and a member of the faculty of the Industrial Design Department the Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, since 1999. she is a Jury of international competitions and winner of numerous international competitions. Her other activities include participating in design, painting and photography exhibitions. she is the author of two books and the author of articles in various fields of art and industrial design. Car design, product design, design and making jewelry are Salomeh Sorouri's interests and she has raised many successful students, each of whom is a successful designer around the world.

Atelier Sorouri

Sorouri Atelier was established by Saloumeh Sorouri, member of the Industrial Design board at Islamic Azad University of Tehran (Central Branch), since year 1999 in Sari and then 2002 in Tehran, with the aim of gathering the renowned international designers, and commenced its artistic and cultural activities. Tutoring and instructing illustrious designers in the field of art and design-industry, jewelry, products, vehicles, interior design, et cetera, along with holding design workshops are some of her activities. In fact, the background of specific activities in artistic and cultural contexts was hierarchical in her family and passed one generation to another.