Florian Studer The Atticum Restaurant Bar Rooftop
The Atticum Restaurant Bar Rooftop is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Atticum Restaurant Bar Rooftop

The charm of a restaurant in an industrial environment should be reflected in the architecture and furnishings. The black and grey lime plaster, which was specially developed for this project, is one of the proofs of this. Its unique, rough structure runs through all the rooms. In the detailed execution, materials such as raw steel were deliberately used, whose welding seams and grinding marks remained visible. This impression is supported by the choice of muntin windows. These cold elements are contrasted by warm oak wood, hand-planed herringbone parquet and a fully planted wall.

The Atticum Restaurant Bar Rooftop
Florian Studer The Atticum
Florian Studer Restaurant Bar Rooftop
Florian Studer design
Florian Studer design
Florian Studer

The Studer Innen & Architektur office, led by Florian Studer, has become increasingly well-known in the Swiss interior design scene in recent years. The office has already received several national and international awards. Florian Studer's far-sightedness and his affinity for optimising projects in the gastronomic sector, have enabled him to increase the level of recognition and turnover of many clients.

The Atticum

On the top floor of the company building of Schips AG in Tübach, St. Gallen, space was freed up for catering use by the dissolution of three apartments. The attic storey also gave the project its name: The Atticum. In the course of the project realisation, the entire floor could be developed separately by means of an extension and can thus be operated independently of the operations on the lower floors. At the same time, the upper floor was completely demolished and the storey was rebuilt. Thus, the special challenges of a restaurant could be fully met.