Elaine Shiu Yin Ning Blending Soul Fashion Jewellery
Blending Soul Fashion Jewellery is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Blending Soul Fashion Jewellery

Elaine Shiu utilizes 3D-printed technology to mimic the concept of the walls of the Forbidden City with a simple and modern Chinese knot. The golden pattern carries ancient meanings, and together with a contrasting vivid blue background, it culminates into a trendy product that represents both the ancient and modern China.

Blending Soul Fashion Jewellery
Elaine Shiu Yin Ning Blending Soul
Elaine Shiu Yin Ning Fashion Jewellery
Elaine Shiu Yin Ning design
Elaine Shiu Yin Ning design
Elaine Shiu Yin Ning

Elaine Shiu has nearly a decade of experience in the jewellery industry. 3 years ago she decided to start her very own jewellery brand, with the desire to create beautiful jewellery products with an affordable price. Moreover, Elaine Shiu seeks to encourage women empowerment through all her endeavours and products. She has since received numerous international awards for her innovative approach and achievements.

Ejj Jewellery

Ejj Jewellery, a Hong Kong Designer Label, was established in 2015. Designer, Elaine Shiu, has more than a decade experience in the jewellery industry and, among others, have been awarded the following awards for her work:"The Outstanding Women of China", "2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards" etc. Ejj Jewellery has also won the "Global Chinese Integrity Enterprise" and "Most Innovative Jeweller 2017". The brand also often represents Hong Kong in international fashion weeks such as in New York, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Japan and more.In 2018, designer Elaine also introduced the latest collection, 3D printed jewellery. Compared to traditional accessories, 3D printed products allows for further sophistication and expression, and Elaine believes that 3D printing will be a key component to Ejj's future direction for several reasons: i) it allows for greater tailoring to individual demands ii) it generally takes a lesser strain on the environment and less by-product waste iii) and finally, because Ejj's customers simply love the products.